January 2, 2016


SAC is a community non-profit organization that seeks to build youth’s personalities and help them to achieve a balance in various aspects of their lives through establishing a relationship with Allah, understanding and developing
oneself, and spreading happiness. This is inspired by our Muslim culture, along with
our Arab values, Egyptian culture and human interactions.


Our vision:

We believe in the youth of our nation and their capabilities to succeed in this world and the next, they will have a contribution in building a better world that values happiness, kindness and human values.


Our Message:

Raising generations aware of the different aspects of their lives, being able to create a balance between them and lead a change based on Islamic values and our societal
culture, with the ultimate goal of spreading these values among people.


Our Values:

– A strong relationship with God is our ultimate goal and it is the main motivator for all activities.

– Getting in touch with our Islamic culture and identity, since it is the main pillar in our educational curriculum, followed by our Arab and Egyptian cultures, and whatever is helpful and beneficial from other cultures.

– Respecting diversity and difference in people, for every person has their own unique set of skills and capabilities. This is our approach when working as a team and with participants.

– Mutual respect between all team members, parents, participants and the administration.

– Continuously seeking administrative and scientific innovation and development in order to raise our efficiency and quality standards.

– Focusing on the educational outcomes before dwelling into others.

– Transparency is a key feature between team members, participants, families, and everyone involved in the program.

– Dealing with participants based on their proper educational level and mental capabilities.

– Excluding politics from our activity dynamics, our team members are not permitted to orient the members to a certain political or ideological views, opinions, or beliefs inside or outside the activity framework.

– Dependence on scientific and interactive educational tools.